The History of Rychiger

Haus 1919-1627x1221

Where it all startet in 1918.


Hans (left) and Peter Rychiger (right) discuss the construction plans with production manager Alfred Stähli (center).

Hard work pays off

In 1918, when Rudolf Rychiger opened a small car and bicycle repair shop in the backyard of his apartment block, he could not have imagined that he had just laid the foundation of a company that would eventually sell its products all over the world. Initially, he did not even have electricity at his premises. But this did not stop Rudolf Rychiger who steadily built up his business, serving the industry in the region.

Despite some setbacks, including a huge drop in orders during the Second World War, Rudolf Rychiger persevered. Throughout his journey, his son Hans stood by his side, gradually taking on the reins, and steering the business towards transformation. The 1950s marked a turning point when Rychiger ventured into crafting packaging machinery. This new direction wasn't just a business move; it was infused with Hans Rychiger's innovative spirit, his open-minded global perspective, and his unwavering passion which not only shaped the success of the company but also the public image of Rychiger for many years.

With its first filling and sealing machine for aluminum portion packs for jams and instant soups, the business reached yet another milestone – and Rychiger has been unstoppable ever since.


From sole trader to limited liability company

In 1977, the managerial leadership were handed over to Peter Rychiger, the grandson of the company's founder. Rychiger became a family-owned stock company and was thus set on track to international success. Shortly afterwards, Rychiger began manufacturing machines for the processing of Nespresso capsules, playing a major role in the success story of coffee capsule systems.

Change of ownership

Along with the highs, there were also lows, and in 2001, the company was acquired by Spega SA, Fribourg, and Axel Förster was appointed as the managing director. A few years later, in 2007, he took over the majority of the shares in a management buyout. In the same year, the company sold its business of metal packaging machines and established the LifeScience sector as a new business segment.

Under Axel Förster's leadership, the company continued its internationalization and expansion of expertise, and since 2015, several companies both domestically and abroad were acquired in rapid succession. Together with its subsidiaries Zellwag Pharmtech AG, Formeleon S.p.z.o., Nuspark Inc., and Deleproject AG, the Rychiger Group offered a comprehensive range of machinery, services, and solutions in the packaging industry, based on solid engineering and state-of-the-art technology.


Our Journey to One Brand

Throughout this105-year journey, the driving force behind the progress of Rychiger has always been a blend of innovation and a willingness to wholeheartedly embrace change. This steadfast spirit has been the beating heart of the continuous growth. In harmony with these values, Rychiger embarked on a transformative route. Alongside their subsidiaries they made the choice to operate exclusively under a single unified brand, "Rychiger," starting from May 2023. This strategic move underscored their dedication to simplifying and amplifying their impact, all while staying true to their tradition of excellence.

Today, our subsidiaries, including Rychiger AG, Rychiger Canada Inc., Rychiger Pharmatech AG, and Rychiger Poland sp. z o.o., proudly operate under the Rychiger brand. This means you benefit from much faster access to our entire range of expertise as a Swiss special machinery manufacturer. Whether it's a specialized machine solution for primary and secondary packaging, equipment for tertiary packaging, or high-performance, future-proof automation solutions, there will be fewer interfaces in the future, resulting in less friction and more innovation power

Looking for solutions for your business?
Looking for solutions for your business?

Rychiger is not only a solution provider but acts as a partner of the industry. We master technical challenges in close cooperation with our customers. As we get to know our clients and establish long-term relationships, their success becomes our success.