13 - 16 November, 2023

Messe Düsseldorf, Stockumer Kirchstrasse 61, 40474 Dusseldorf

Medicine and pharmacy – everything is interconnected in this sector, and nowhere is this more evident than at MEDICA. As the biggest medical B2B trade fair, MEDICA brings together exhibitors and visitors from all over the world with a view to presenting innovative products and services from the areas of medical imaging, health IT, mobile health, physiotherapy/orthopedic technology, laboratory technology and diagnostics. For us, as a specialist machinery manufacturer with a wealth of IVD expertise, MEDICA is a great opportunity to showcase our capabilities.

Multi-Format Filling and Sealing Machine



Molecular diagnostic sample preparation kit 
(DNA/RNA extraction)


Form factors


Micro Tubes, from bulk
96-well plate, stacked
384-well plate, stacked




Lid: pierceable aluminium, from roll
Filter material (HDPE)




Micro tubes

  • Punching and insertion of filter material (offline, with aspiration of particles)
  • Presence-check of filter material
  • Dispensing of liquid
  • Punching and heat sealing of lid (offline, with aspiration of particles)



  • Dispensing of liquid
  • Punching and heat sealing of lid (offline, with aspiration of particles)




2 x 96 well plates / minute
80 micro tubes / minute
1 x 384 well plate / minute




650 – 850 µl, +/- 2%
Liquid, containing sedimenting beads


 Dosing technology


Rotary piston pumps, servo driven
Tool-free handling of pumps for cleaning


Preconditioning of liquid


Stirring unit for homogenisation




Allen Bradley Rockwell




Remote Connection via Edge Device


Smart functionalities, regulatory compliance


  • User management
  • Recipe management
  • Process data collection
  • Audit Log
  • Machine status collection, OEE






GMP Qualification


Full qualification package consisting of:

  • DQ (FS, HDS, SDS)
  • IQ protocols and execution
  • OQ protocols and execution


Further Applications

96 Well Microplate

Well plate coating and incubation

ID Card Across 2

Filling and sealing of blood grouping ID Gel Cards

Multiwell Cartridge

Assembly, filling, sealing and labelling of multi-well cartridges for MDx, IDx and clinical chemistry analysers


Assembly, coating and closing of microfluidic sensors / chips.

Possible further Process Technologies


  • Cold-forming of Al-foils (functional blisters)
  • Thermoforming of thermoplastic film for POC applications and Drug Delivery Devices
  • Powder dosing, mg-g range
  • Application of pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Leakage test
  • Camera aided quality check
  • Labelling, marking
  • Serialisation
  • Further upon request