As a manufacturer, you're well aware that filling coffee capsules and sealing them afterward is a highly technical endeavor. That's why the development of our machines takes into account various factors such as capsule shape, desired output, and chosen packaging material. When all these elements are finely tuned, you enjoy an efficient and secure process. Additionally, considerations like your preferred level of automation and digitalization, as well as the variety of capsule types you wish to handle, play a crucial role. Our FS 150 with an output of up to 150 capsules per minute, is ideal for this purpose and is considered an entry-level model. What sets it apart is its integration of proven technology standards derived from our high-volume machines. This provides a versatile solution, enhancing both your production processes and reliability. Additionally, its flexible dimensions - beginning from 4 m in length and 1,3 m in width - guarantee effortless integration into your established production infrastructure.