After all wear parts have been identified and their supply has been scheduled through the Rychiger spare parts management system, you are ready to implement the next step, namely preventive maintenance. For this purpose, our experts provide you with tailor-made maintenance packs that contain all you need for your scheduled services.

Maximizing machine service life

Regular check-ups enable you to detect potential problems before they impact on your operations. As your packaging unit is a high-performance machine, you need to make sure that it is run at maximum capacity. Preventive maintenance not only prolongs the service life of your machine but also increases its efficiency, thus lowering production costs. Machines that run smoothly boost production output, which contributes to the bottom line.

Enhancing safety

Apart from prolonging the service life of your machinery, your prior concern is of course always the safety of your workforce. Along the production line, workers are constantly exposed to certain unavoidable hazards. To make your workplaces as safe as possible, it is essential that your machines are properly maintained. It is a well-known fact that regular inspections greatly increase workplace safety.

Optimized production planning

Through regular scheduled maintenance, you can bring your production planning to a higher level, as you know in advance when an inspection or service will take place, and can start organizing for a smooth process in due course. With preventive maintenance, you are able to minimize or even fully eliminate unexpected downtimes.

Straightforward and efficient
Straightforward and efficient

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