For consistent maximum performance of your machine, you need to be able to replace components quickly and according to a clear schedule. Determining the right time for a replacement and then actually sticking to it is crucial for efficient production with minimum downtime. To achieve this, we assist you in devising and implementing your own materials and spare parts management.

Global network of suppliers

With in-house parts production and an extensive network of suppliers all over the world, we make sure that the spare parts you order reach you as quickly as possible. When it comes to parts and components, we never compromise on quality. We choose our suppliers with great care and only after consultation with our specialist engineers, making sure that new partners meet our high standards.

Requirements analysis

When you place an order for a Rychiger machine, we let you know straight away which parts and components are particularly important for smooth operation, as we recommend keeping these in stock on site. We also perform a requirements analysis covering every single machine component, and draw up a plan that enables you to devise and implement a system for the timely replacement of parts. Such a system can also be implemented in the form of a framework agreement. A framework agreement relieves your staff of routine administrative tasks and makes sure that the necessary spare parts are available on site at all time, boosting the productivity of your machine.

Straightforward and efficient
Straightforward and efficient

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