It is our aim to offer our customers the best possible after-sales service. That is why we have put in place a range of different support services so we can respond quickly to your specific needs. To eliminate any delays, all queries and requests are handled by our dedicated service desk, your single point of contact with Rychiger.

Service Desk

If you have a query or need information – for instance about a specific module, function or production process – please do not hesitate and get in touch with us. Our service desk is your first point of call for queries and requests of any kind. The service desk team then contacts the right specialist within the company to deal with the issue at hand and keeps you posted on the progress.  

Remote maintenance

Our machines are up to date with the latest technology and feature advanced communication equipment and functions. We are therefore in a position to evaluate and maintain your plants in an efficient and safe manner through remote access. With your explicit consent, we access your machine through a VPN connection. This enables us to obtain all relevant information without delay so that we can work towards a speedy resolution of the problem.

On-site support

Do you think that remote support is not sufficient? Then please call us, and one of our service technicians will contact you shortly to make an appointment. We make sure that your production plant runs again smoothly within no time. Our experts are stationed around the globe so that they can quickly come to your site, should the need arise.

E-service portal

Personal interaction and state-of-the art communication technology – our e-service portal brings together the best of two worlds. Your personal login details allow you to access professional support when and where you need it. The portal provides two separate services:

After logging in to Tiki, you can send us a ticket with your query or problem. Our experts will examine your ticket without delay and provide you with the support you need. You can track the progress step by step, so you know exactly what is happening. You can also view the service history of your machine where you find a lot of useful information about previous repairs and services Rychiger provided in the past. To find out how to log in to our service ticket system, call our service desk who will guide you step by step through the process.

All data and knowledge about your machine are compiled in our knowledge database known as Wiki. With your personal login details, you can access all this information and view the up-to-date documentation of your machine. You even have the option to create your own documents and to share them with the Rychiger project team.

Straightforward and efficient
Straightforward and efficient

Good service starts with establishing close relations with our customers.