Are you looking for a way to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your baby formula capsule production? Are you a baby food manufacturer and wish to adapt your products for use in popular capsule systems? Or do you plan to launch your own baby food capsule system? Rychiger would be delighted to assist you in achieving your goals.

We help you set up the production line for your baby formula capsules. As a machine supplier, we have been involved in the baby formula capsule business from the very beginning and can offer you a complete service pack covering everything from the design of the capsules and test runs to secondary packaging and market access. We manufacture machines for the industrial production of baby food capsules, including tailor-made filling and sealing machines that meet all relevant GMP standards.

The production of baby formula is governed by strict regulations with regard to hygiene and food safety – which makes the product particularly suitable for automated processing at the point of consumption.

Why baby formula in a capsule?

For parents, the health of their baby comes first, and proper nutrition plays of course a key role here. However, when preparing food for babies, things can go wrong.

For instance, vital nutrients that babies need for their development can be destroyed, if boiling water is used in the preparation of food. Using mineral water in baby food can cause serious health problems, as it contains minerals, phosphates and calcium phosphates that can upset the gastrointestinal tract. As a consequence, babies suffer from indigestion or constipation. Incorrect dosage of the formula and insufficient mixing can also affect the health and well-being of the infant.

Capsule systems do away with all these issues. They are easy and safe to use and extremely convenient, and the baby receives the right nutrients for its age. Every meal is perfectly hygienic and freshly prepared. Depending on the age of the baby, customers can choose from a range of capsules. Based on a code printed on the capsule, the formula capsule system adjusts its preparation parameters, producing perfect baby food at the push of a button. Food is ready in an instant – night and day. The amount of water and its temperature are automatically adjusted to suit the content of the capsule.

Quality and safety

Are you looking for a way to protect your product from external influences? We support you with our expertise in designing the perfect packaging for your product.

Infant formula and food for babies is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Air and moisture can destroy these vital nutrients, and reduce the shelf life of the product. That is why baby food must be packaged in containers made from suitable barrier materials that are then tightly sealed.

We help you choose the best packaging materials for your product, and work with you to design capsules that protect the ingredients of your baby food against oxygen and moisture. Properly filled capsules and air-tight seals eliminate the risk of oxidation and contamination. Nitrogen added to the capsules keeps the food fresh for longer, and the filter inserts eliminate impurities from the water for optimum food safety.

Project planning and qualification

Do you wish to produce baby formula capsules and need an experienced partner to assist you with the project? We have the know-how and expertise to act as your reliable technology partner. Long before developing a customized packaging machine for your serial production, we assist you in designing your capsules, or even your complete baby food system. You can also rely on our expertise when choosing the packaging material. On request, we will put you in touch with trusted suppliers.

The production and packaging of baby food are governed by stringent food safety regulations. Under these rules, manufacturers must meet strict quality standards and implement a seamless, fully documented tracking system. This can be very costly, and non-compliance could have a devastating impact on your business. With Rychiger as your partner, you will retain a firm grip on costs. At the same time, we assist you in devising your own GMP qualification strategy. We help you compile the necessary documentation and support you in assessing your plants, machines, premises and IT systems.

Risk minimization and patents

We know the market and have already been involved in development projects for many different capsule systems. We are aware of potential risks that might hamper you project and promise you a short development turnaround for your undertaking. In addition, we assist you in setting up your supply chain and obtaining patent protection for your capsules or system.

Grown customer relationships
Grown customer relationships

Together, we can significantly contribute to the success of your Food & Beverage project.