As the global leader in coffee capsule solutions, we manufacture tailor-made production machines for established systems as well as new proprietary formats.

Do you want to increase the output and reduce the material consumption of your coffee capsule production? Do you want to push down costs? Are you a coffee roaster and wish to offer your products in capsule format? Are you a global player on the lookout for a complete solution for your capsule system? Rychiger would be delighted to put its unique expertise at your disposal.

We love coffee and have been actively involved in the coffee capsule business right from the start, assisting companies with our know-how. Among our customers are all leading companies in the industry, as well as small coffee products and medium-sized coffee roasters.

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Coffee capsules – the success story continues

Coffee is among the most popular beverages in the world. Enjoying a cup of coffee is part of the daily routine of millions of people. For many of us, getting started in the morning without a freshly brewed cup of coffee is unthinkable. All over the world, more and more people are moving to capsule systems. And this trend is here to stay, as there are many good reasons for it:

Good coffee puts a spring in our step and warms our heart. It comes therefore as no surprise that millions of coffee lovers all over the world have opted for capsule systems, as they produce espressos that are as good as those from the Italian bar around the corner. This is all due to the small capsules that protect the quality coffee against light, oxygen and moisture and preserve its characterful flavor for that extra smooth taste. Cup after cup. Day after day. Every brew is as fresh as the last one, as quality coffee capsules keep the product fresh for up to 24 months.

Place the capsule in a machine and press the button – done. There is simply no easier or faster way to a nice cup of coffee. The machine heats the water and pumps it under high pressure through the capsule, for a perfect cup of coffee full of flavor and a prized crema on top. The capsules are made from barrier materials that keep out light and air. Nitrogen added to the coffee inside the capsule preserves its flavors and guarantees a long shelf life.

The ecological footprint of coffee capsules is very small. For coffee lovers who also care for the environment, there is no better way to make an espresso. This is mainly due to the fact that each capsule contains exactly the amount of coffee necessary for a cup. In contrast to filter systems or automatic coffee machines, not a single gram of powder is wasted. Capsule systems also rank highest in terms of energy efficiency. The machine heats exactly the amount of water needed for a cup. Many coffee capsules can be recycled or reused, and there are also compostable capsules available in the market.

Proprietary, compatible or compostable

Are you wondering which coffee system suits your preferences? Do you have specific material preferences for your coffee capsules? With our deep market knowledge and experience with various systems, we can guide you towards the ideal choice and uncover exciting new markets. Harness our expertise to uncover the perfect coffee solution for you.

Your customers will be familiar with capsule systems, as most households now possess a capsule coffee machine. Nespresso, the pioneer in coffee capsules, is still the market leader. In Europe, a number of other systems have become very popular, for instance Dolce Gusto, another Nestlé product. There are also the Tassimo system of Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Caffissimo by Tchibo and the Italian brand Caffita. In the US, where filter coffee is the brew of choice, the low-pressure system from Keurig with its K-Cup capsules is gaining ground.

How about cube-shaped capsules that are easier to pack for shipping and display on supermarket shelves? Or perhaps a unique shape to enhance the crema even further? We can help you design your custom capsules and ensure that no detail is overlooked during the development of your complete system. Additionally, we can assist you in finding an experienced manufacturer for your coffee machine.

Over the past 30 years, Rychiger has designed and produced machines for all packaging materials currently used for coffee capsules. We cooperate with the best suppliers and know all the advantages and disadvantages of the various materials. As our experts are always up to date with the latest trends, they can advise you with competence when it comes to choosing the right material for your product.

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Ready for growth

We specialize in filling and sealing solutions. Our machines can fill containers with high precision, even in small quantities, add the necessary nitrogen gas to preserve the product, and seal the capsules airtight.

For the industrialization of your new product, we assist you in the proof-of-concept procedure. Our product range includes machines that produce small batches with fully controlled and reproducible parameters, enabling you to scale up production at any stage with minimal investment. We also offer machine platforms that can grow with your business, starting with the FS 120 designed for serial production at 50 capsules per minute, up to the FS 960 HV with an output rate of 2000 capsules per minute.

Processes upstream of filling and sealing can be seamlessly integrated into a turnkey production plant. This also applies to downstream processes, including the complete line and end-of-line packaging. Our machines are designed for quick and easy product changes with extremely short retooling times.

Rychiger machines are in operation all over the world, empowering local coffee roasters to produce their own capsules. That's why we've established a global network of subsidiaries and agencies, providing on-site support wherever and whenever it's needed.

Grown customer relationships
Grown customer relationships

Together, we can significantly contribute to the success of your Food & Beverage project.