In order to deliver household goods to customers in a safe and protected manner, manufacturers rely on high-quality technologies to package their individual products in cases, trays and cartons and to palletize them quickly and correctly for shipping. We’re also experts in this area.

The Journey of Tray Formers, Case Packers, and Palletizers

A tray does not become a tray – i.e. one that can be filled with household products – until a piece of flat paper is converted into a three-dimensional packaging material. Tray formers do this job expertly, neatly and quickly, laying the groundwork for the subsequent packaging and shipping of your household products. Similar can be said of cases. Filled by a machine known as a case packer, these packaging materials are extremely popular with many producers of household goods. If you require the high-performance packaging of brushes, cutlery or baking tins, for example, and want to keep all options open with an extremely simple format-changing concept, our case packers are the ideal choice – not least because, in addition to the case format, you can rely on an individual packing pattern of your choice. And, of course, you enjoy complete freedom when it comes to sealing. 

If all these advantages still aren’t enough to convince you, then the excellent cost-benefit ratio of our entry-level packaging solutions – some of which are robot-assisted – for packaging your household goods is sure to seal the deal. Small and light, big and heavy, small and heavy, or big and light: our machines can handle your household articles easily – whatever their geometry or weight. But the packaging process is far from over. We’ve only done a good job when the products leave your factory on a pallet and your customers are happy – and, to ensure that this is the case, we also design and build palletizers whose robust and reliable operation delivers smooth processing.

The best references
The best references

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