All you need to do is look at a janitor’s list of responsibilities to see that there’s almost nothing that doesn’t fall within their remit when it comes to building maintenance. This also becomes clear when you consider the full range of things a janitor needs to do their job and which you, as a manufacturer, must produce efficiently – whether they are chemical products for domestic cleaning or for cleaning stairs and streets in liquid, powder or solid form, gardening materials, small technical parts for operating heating or fuel-powered systems, or items relating to water supplies or drainage.

Janitors are also responsible for minor repairs, such as periodic maintenance, which may also call for the use of cleaning materials. Whatever the season, janitors go through a considerable quantity of supplies – and it’s your job, as a manufacturer, to reliably meet this demand.

Our high-quality systems allow you, as a manufacturing firm, to ensure the reliable, large-scale production of cleaning instruments, cleaning aids, cleaning tools, cleaning products and much more.

A nailbrush today, a household sponge tomorrow

The high quality, outstanding efficiency and excellent price-performance ratio of our filling systems, tray formers, top loaders, case packers, cartonizers and palletizers are the key to delivering top quality right from the first step of the process. Format-switching options on each machine ensure the flexibility of packing processes within a multifaceted product range. A nailbrush today, a household sponge tomorrow: not a problem for us. Nor is it a problem for you, thanks to magnetic sizing tools.

State-of-the-art gripping devices ensure that even small parts are packed quickly and gently. In the case of liquids, we pick up points for our ability to handle different pack sizes and our expertise when it comes to developing specific sealing caps and dosing systems. In short, you specify, and we implement – achieving a first-rate price-performance ratio. We may not know what exactly you need from us as a producer of janitorial supplies yet – but what we do know is that we’ll only ever supply you with first-rate systems.

The best references
The best references

Our experience in the industry moves you a forward, as well.