Almost no other industry features such diverse products as the cosmetics industry. As well as the various product areas such as decorative cosmetics or fragrances, it also includes personal hygiene and women’s care products, as well as segments such as pre- and aftershaves, body cleansing and personal hygiene – not to mention facial, hair and oral care. And then there’s the huge market for baby products!

Each area has its own specific characteristics. The physical form and quantities are determining factors when it comes to the production process and packaging solutions. Secondary packaging plays a particularly important role in the cosmetics sector – after all, packaging quality, haptics and an attractive appearance with good brand recall serve as ambassadors for each individual brand present in the target market.

As a mechanical engineering firm and plant builder with extensive expertise in the healthcare sector, we’re also experts in the fields of cosmetics and regulatory requirements.

This will become abundantly clear when we present our filling machines and the systems for sealing the various primary and secondary packaging materials.

No one does it better when it comes to fluids and pastes

Drawing on years of experience in mechanical engineering for primary and secondary packaging, we’ll be delighted to advise you when it comes to choosing the optimum packaging material for your specific products.

We specialize in filling a wide range of fluids and pastes into all kinds of container formats, but we’re also very familiar with the full range of packaging solutions for the cosmetics market. The great thing is that, on request, we can also provide individual dosing solutions for your care product, making your company that bit more unique.

What makes us stand out from the crowd? As well as offering world-renowned Swiss quality, we also seek to find the best of all solutions – so that your processes can run even faster.

In short, whether it’s for initial testing of your products in our well-equipped laboratories or during the design process itself: you can rely on us to plan everything meticulously, from the outset right through to commissioning, thereby paving the way for state-of-the-art machines that offer maximum efficiency.

Outstanding results
Outstanding results

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