Do you manufacture consumables for In-vitro diagnostics? Are you running an industrial production plant for highly complex products? Would you like to get a firmer grip on costs and turnaround times to become more competitive? Rychiger would be delighted to assist you in achieving your goals.

As your partner, we work closely with you – from the initial draft of your production concept to the industrialization of your processes. We were the first machine manufacturer in the world to come up with a design language optimized for molecular diagnostics. 

In-vitro diagnostics (IVD) are a growth market and save lives. More and more people all over the world benefit from IVD as it makes it easy to detect and treat diseases, offering many advantages over conventional diagnostics. With great opportunity comes great responsibility.

From manual pathogen-specific tests to syndromic testing

We work with you to realize technologies for what can be done today – and for what will become possible in the near future. Modern IVD methods do away with time-consuming manual work in labs, as more and more tests are now fully automated and can even be performed directly at the point of care.

Real-time PCR kits for instance detect the presence of specific antigens, and are also suitable for syndromic testing. This method enables medics to test for a broad array of pathogens associated with a particular syndrome in one single process. PCR kits are commonly used in connection with respiratory infections, gastroenteritis, hepatitis, meningitis or HIV. Other fields where syndromic testing is particularly useful are sexually transmitted diseases, tropical medicine and pediatrics. Today, syndromic testing methods are already able to detect more than 140 viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi. These tests are quicker and safer than lab procedures, as they eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.

A syndromic PCR test detects bacteria or viruses in a sample within hours rather than days, as would be the case with conventional methods. And they are even successful where the pathogen is hard to cultivate. Syndromic testing boosts patient satisfaction, as they can shorten their stay in hospital and do not need to undergo potentially unnecessary antibiotic treatment.

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Rapid diagnosis means better treatment

Reliable and easy-to-handle products for In-vitro diagnostics benefit everybody. They help fight epidemics and pandemics, and enable medics to prevent and treat diseases more effectively. 

Using small blood or tissue samples, doctors can quickly assess the state of health of a patient and diagnose serious conditions at an early stage. During treatment, In-vitro diagnostics are used to closely monitor the patient and to evaluate the effectiveness of the therapy.

IVD products make health management much more effective as they facilitate targeted and optimized treatment. IVD allows doctors to fine-tune medication, thus eliminating side-effects and preventing secondary diseases. As a result, fewer patients need to be hospitalized.

Identifying and mastering challenges

Progress in medicine and production technology means that manufacturers of IVD products must constantly revise and adapt their operations. Their test kits need to be both highly sensitive and specific. Test results must be available within a short time, and diseases must be detected at the earliest possible stage.

Another challenge, especially for start-ups, is the industrialization of production. The manufacturing processes for IVD products need to be constantly reviewed and adapted to meet changing best practice standards, without losing sight of costs and turnaround times. In addition, the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) also requires continuous optimization. Losses need to be minimized while the availability of machines and the output rate must be constantly improved.

Rychiger assists you in overcoming these challenges. We are up to date with the latest trends in the industry and can answer all your questions in connection with production and processes. We offer development support from day one, for instance by assessing the feasibility of your proposal through a proof of concept. Our team of experts assists you in obtaining the necessary certifications – for instance with risk assessments for FDA approval or GMP qualification.

From lab trials to industrial production

Filling and sealing are our core competences. We specialize in machinery for the filling and packaging of powders, liquids, gels and freeze-dried granules. Whether your product is viscous, alcohol-based, in suspension and prone to sedimentation – we offer you tailor-made solutions designed on the basis of expert know-how acquired over many decades. Apart from filling and sealing, we also provide modules for assembly, serialization, quality assurance and labeling processes.

We always customize our machines to meet your specifications, even where they are based on our tried and tested platforms. We are therefore in a position to offer solutions for any purpose – from lab units and semi-automated machines to fully automated production lines with high output rates.

Customized machine design

As your trusted partner, we assist you from the very start of your project, as we make our development competence available to you. We constantly adopt new technologies and adapt them for seamless integration into our systems.

All our machines are based on the needs and wishes of our customers. It comes therefore as no surprise that we were the first manufacturer in the world to come up with a machine design optimized to meet the specific requirements of molecular diagnostics.

We make sure that all surfaces can be cleaned easily and that the risk of contamination by operator intervention is minimized. Contact us to find out more about or outstanding solutions!

Outstanding results
Outstanding results

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