Do not be fooled by its small size! The NCP-25 case packer may be small, but it works with next to no pressure at all, making it particularly clean. This machine combines all the advantages of its class – on a footprint of less than 10 square meters.
Small footprint
“Pin & Dome” 
Vacuum-free case handling
Time-saving, tool-free switching between sizes
NCP-25 Factsheet

It’s all the same whether you’re packing food and snacks, household articles, industrial goods, pharmaceuticals, or cosmetics. There’s virtually no alternative to the NCP-25 if you, as a company, are looking for technology that’s both dependable and fabulously flexible to handle your secondary packaging operations. What makes our case packer so special is the fact that it’s one of the cleanest in its class – thanks to its specific, vacuum-free “Pin & Dome” assembly mechanism. This makes it a terrific piece of tech if low-dust processes in your secondary packaging operations ranks highly on your list of properties. And, if that weren’t enough, the NCP-25 also gives you complete freedom when it comes to choosing your preferred case type, as well as a custom product packing pattern and sealing solution.


High speeds you can count on

The case magazine is arranged on the side or integrated inline on request. Depending on how thick the individual case walls are, the magazine can hold around 150 units. Cases are removed and fed in parallel, with both processes automated for your product handling operations. The optional inline magazine gives you, the manufacturer, enough room to maneuver even when space is limited. Depending on your chosen product type and packing pattern, the products will be individually fed through either in by a single lane, or multiple lanes, then they are grouped beneath the robot. We use a “divertor” to give you maximum freedom when choosing how many lanes you would like to use.

Once the products have been collated, the gripper (specifically designed to suit your product’s geometry), grips the group of products with the Pick & Place mechanism, before moving over the box and inserting the products from above.

The filled cases are closed by a mechanism, then sealed with tape or glue. The choice is yours. In addition to quality control (which can be performed with the likes of a camera or weighing technology), you also have the option of adding additional units (like labelers and barcode scanners) to the NCP-25 or enclosing leaflets.


We’ve got a handle on everything – even without a vacuum

When using the NCP-25, above all else, you benefit from our tried-and-tested “Pin & Dome” technology, which guarantees an extremely clean process. Small pins are a huge help when it comes to unfolding of cases, doing away with the need for a vacuum. The NCP-25 is therefore a case packer that is also suitable for use in the regulated environment of the life science industry, not to mention in food production, where meeting the highest hygiene requirements is a must. The NCP-25 boasts a compact design, allowing for simple integration into any production lines even where space is limited. The design, which is open from all sides, gives a clear overview of the process. The machine operator can also switch sizes in a matter of minutes without any need to use tools – all thanks to the clearly labeled size parts and positions.

NCP-25 is great for
Bottle Black



Smallest Industry Footprint: Erecting, loading, and sealing – all on an impressively small footprint of 2m x 5m.


Cleanest In Its Class: Proven “Pin & Dome” technology allows for clean, abrasion-free case erecting – no vacuum needed.


Maximum Freedom: Servo diverter supports the use of multiple infeed lanes - giving you maximum freedom when choosing your customised product packing pattern.


Output details
Outer unit diameter
Package Length Range
152 - 610 mm
Package Width Range
127 - 406 mm
Package Height Range
100 - 406 mm
Magazine Capacity
150 cases
Up to 25
Up to 1'500
Product Size Requirement
Per project specifications
Machine details
Size (LxWxH)
2,92 x 5,38 x 2,56 m
1'800 kg
Connected load
230 V/30A 60 Hz
Compressed air
90 PSI @ 10CFM
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Talk to us about bespoke machinery

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