The NHC-40’s special technology allows for the unprecedentedly smooth handling of coffee pods, ensuring that the final product comes out as clean as can be.
Small footprint
Gentle Carton Handling
Efficient switching between sizes thanks to magnetic sizing tools
Fully and semi-automatic operation
NHC-40 Factsheet

As a food company, you want packaging solutions to do more than just protect your products. Above all else, they should also represent your products in a way that is visually appealing and conveys excellent quality. Coffee pods are just one of the many examples. The NHC-40 enables careful handling of small products and gently packages them in no time. The specific type of product and how it is placed in the carton – on its side, for example – is of secondary importance. Whether your product is a life sciences article, food product, or something else entirely of your choosing, our horizontal cartoning machine can handle anything small, narrow, short, or thin. The NHC-40, the horizontal cartoner we developed, features an innovative carton feeding system.


Suction cups help to protect the sensitive carton surfaces during assembly and transportation for friction-free carton movement against the rails. What this means for you as a company is that your cartons come out with zero scratches, even when the output is enormously high at up to 40 cartons per minute. This is because your excellent-quality end packaging is handled in a way that causes no wear whatsoever. The outcome is end products that present both your company and your product at market in the best light. And we hardly need to mention that we can also completely customize the NHC-40 to meet your cartoning needs as a pharmaceuticals or consumer products manufacturer.


Uncompromisingly good: we’ve got the touch for product handling

Each material has its own special properties that need to be considered during the automated handling process. To keep your aluminum, plastic, or exotic coffee pods intact and presentable, we have developed our very own pod handling technology: a servo-driven lead screw that guarantees your pods are precisely spaced as closely as possible before being loaded into the carton. You benefit from optimum filling, complete capacity utilization in every carton, and thus maximum cost efficiency. Once the individual pods have undergone the linear feeding process, they arrive past the lead screw upside down. Cartons are fed from the magazine and opened at the same time the pods are being handled by means of a vacuum. What makes our solution so special is the fact that, during this process step, every second pod is rotated 180° allowing an even tighter spacing. Now, for example, ten grouped pods are vacuum-picked and placed in a guide rail by the robot. From there, the group is pushed off into the horizontal, already opened, carton. An adhesive station or a taping unit closes the carton. Magnetic locking mechanisms allow your machine operators to preform product change-over intuitively and quickly.


When the machine does what it says on the tin 

With the NHC-40, what you’re getting is a high-performance machine that combines the best quality coffee pods with the secondary packaging that represents them perfectly to the outside world. The result is flawless cartons containing pods which have survived the packing journey safe and sound. This is possible thanks to our innovative use of vacuum-assisted grippers – which are so innovative even be used to handle forward looking and sustainable primary packaging materials. And with the machine operators ability to easily switch between package sizes easily, thanks to switchover performed using magnetic sizing tool, the NHC-40 is the perfect machine for a quick and clean operation.

NHC-40 is great for
PG Tea



High Performance in a Small Package: 3 metres in length with an output of 40 cartons per minute – this machine minimizes space while maximizing carton size and output.


Gentle Carton Handling: Innovative design uses vacuum-assisted grippers for gentle carton erecting and handling eliminating friction.


Space-Saving Technology: Unique servo-driven lead screw technology allows for the optimal space-saving nested pod arrangements. 


Output details
Outer unit diameter
Package Length Range
76 - 305 mm
Package Width Range
25 - 127 mm
Package Height Range
25 - 127 mm
Magazine Capacity
700 cartons
Up to 40
Up to 2'400
Product Size Requirement
Per project specifications
Machine details
Size (LxWxH)
1,53 x 2,79 x 1,89 m
900 kg
Power Requirements
230 V/20A 60 Hz
Air Requirements
90 PSI @ 10CFM
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