A sequentially automated case packer can prove to be a huge help in optimizing your overall process, especially when lots of small products are being packed into relatively few large cases.
Small footprint
Low-cost price
Programmable case sizes for swift switching between cases
Easy to integrate into your production environments
NRCP-5 Factsheet

Robot-assisted case packing is a smart choice whether you are in the food, life science, or industrial manufacturing business, and need to fit a lot of small products into a few large boxes at the end of your process.

The NRCP-5 case packer is fitted with a Fanuc robot that can handle high product outputs like this with ease – even at low packaging speeds. You can also program different product and case sizes to ensure simple and speedy changeover. The NRCP-5 is a terrific piece of tech if you – as a food business, pharmaceuticals company, medical devices producer or contract manufacturer – have been case packing your products manually or semi-automatically up until now and are keen to take the next step forward towards automation. By taking this next step, you will be able to relieve the strain on your staff, increase your output, and always operate with flexibility.


Increasing your output one step at a time

In the first step, the robot removes the folded case from the magazine and seals the bottom. You have the option of fitting the NRCP-5 with two magazines for different case sizes. If, however, you are just using a single type of case, you also have the option of doubling the machine’s case capacity to up to 300 units – depending on how thick the walls are. Not only does this make you more flexible in production, it also makes you faster too.

In the next step, the robot sets the upright case down on the conveyor. Immediately afterwards, the gripper vacuum-picks the collated products (sealed cartons, small containers, etc.) and loads them from above into the opened case on the conveyor. The filled case is then removed by the conveyor and the top flaps are folded shut by a mechanism. The closed case can now be sealed using tape or by an adhesive unit. The robot process starts over again once loading is complete.


Automation can be affordable too

By buying the NRCP-5, you are investing in a robot-assisted case packer. From a value-for-money standpoint, it is your ideal entry-level solution for automating your secondary packaging operations. With additional benefits such as programmable case and product sizes, you can switch between cases and products quickly and seamlessly – increasing output and relieving the strain on the machine operators.

NRCP-5 is great for
PG Tea
Alu Packaging
Glas Flasche Blau



Seamless Operation: The robotic arm provides quick and seamless case erection and loading – even while handling heavy payloads of up to 100lbs


Versatile Product: Loading Multipurpose gripper makes loading of various types of products easy and efficient.


Production Flexibility: Ability to add an additional magazine – doubling capacity or allowing for parallel loading of multiple case sizes. 


Output details
Outer unit diameter
Package Length Range
152 - 610 mm
Package Width Range
127 - 406 mm
Package Height Range
100 - 406 mm
Magazine Capacity
150 cases
Up to 5
Up to 300
Product Size Requirement
Per project specifications
Machine details
Size (LxWxH)
2,29 x 3,93 x 2,13 m
900 kg
Power Requirements
230 V/20A 60 Hz
Air Requirements
90 PSI @ 10CFM
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