This palletizer properly ups the ante in terms of process automation. Install it. Palletize your products. And you’re done.
magazine capacity
Compact Design
Palletization of cases, trays, and bags
Integrated pallet magazine for up to four pallet stations
Integrated pallet magazine for up to four pallet stations
Intuitive use thanks to a Bosch Rexroth HMI
NRP-10 Factsheet

A perfect process needs an exemplary ending

As a life science, food production or industrial company wanting to expand your end-of-line operations to include an easy-to-retrofit, flexible and extremely space-saving palletizer, you’re making a smart move in opting for the NRP-10. The NRP-10 has a modular design. Combined with the small footprint, this compact machine is the cost-effective tool of choice if you’re looking to automate the end of your process and relieve the strain on your staff. Another plus point is that – when developing the ideal gripper – we focus on your product’s unique geometry and properties to ensure that you get the maximum performance out of your processes. If something needs to be placed on the pallet, that’s exactly where it’s put – whether this is done the traditional way using a vacuum, or mechanically in the form of a fork or other parts.


We can handle any weight class

To start the process, the pallet is released from a magazine by means of a roller conveyor and stops at a defined position. The robot installed above the roller conveyor now grips the conveyor-fed carton or tray. Palletization – even of heavy cartons – is performed using sturdy vacuum technology or a design of your choosing. Once the robot has picked up the carton or tray, it then places it onto the pallet. After the carton or tray has been securely placed onto the pallet, the robot rotates back to the conveyor to pick up the next item, repeating these steps until the pallet is filled. Multi-layer stacking is another option that’s open to you. Here, you can place a paper sheet or thin-walled carton – similar to the pallet base – between the layers. Once palletizing is complete, the loaded pallet is removed by the roller conveyor, and a new empty one takes its place. The likes of a forklift truck can then be used to pick up the loaded pallet at the end of the roller conveyor.


Guaranteed to fit into any corner

Our NRP-10 is best described by the phrase “Keep it short and simple”. Since the machine has a modular design, you can get the individual components through any door. This also makes swift, subsequent integration into existing lines or production environments superbly straightforward. The robot, which is bolted to a base, can be intuitively programmed, and put into operation using an HMI.

NRP-10 is great for
Bottle Black
Alu Packaging


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Integrated Pallet Magazine: Provides automatic delivery of empty pallets to loading station, providing continues operation when combined with multiple stations.

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Compact Modular Design: Compact modular design allows for seamless integration into any production line.

NRP-10-Dual-Auto-Pallet.00 00 52 06

Customized Gripper: Customized gripper designed to fit your product’s unique shape – ensuring maximum performance. 


Output details
Outer unit diameter
Package Length Range
1'219 mm
Package Width Range
1'219 mm
Magazine Capacity
15 pallets
Up to 10 picks
Up to 600 picks
Product Size Requirement
Per project specifications
Machine details
Size (LxWxH)
4,3 x 3,05 x 4,3 m
1'300 kg
Power Requirements
480 V/20A 60 Hz
Air Requirements
90 PSI @ 5CFM
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