The strengths of some technologies only become apparent when they’re combined with other machines. The modular tray former is one of these technologies. What makes it so popular – not just with us, we might add – is its standardization.
Standardized Design
Easy Integration
Swift switching between products due to programmable tray sizes
Tool-free switching between sitzes
NTF-60 Factsheet

The best thing about our tray former is that it’s virtually self-explanatory. It turns the flat trays that you feed into the machine, into formed and opened ones. Once the trays have been transported away by the likes of a conveyor, they are ready to be filled. Whether your product is a food item, pharmaceutical, household article, or something else entirely – the NTF-60 has you covered. Our versatile tray packer knows no limits – creating trays of various shapes and complexities – all with an output rate of up to 60 units per minute.

Trays: as flexible as your requirements

In the first step, the tray blank is vacuum picked from the magazine and placed on an infeed conveyor. Complex mechanisms then fold the tray’s tabs inward and glue them together as needed. The trays are removed using a conveyor and – depending on the process – fed to the downstream machine for filling. Another benefit that you have with the NTF-60 is the ability to store a wide range of tray sizes within its control unit, always maintaining your flexibility. Through its flexible and compact modular design, the NTF-60 is ideal for implementation into any production line for your secondary packaging operations.

NTF-60 is great for
Dose Weiss


NTP-20-and-NCP-25-Single-Serve-Coffee.00 00 32 25

Quick and Efficient: Capable of forming up to 60 trays per minute within a compact 1.5m x 2m footprint.

NTP-30-Nespresso-Tray-Packer.00 00 49 29

Standardized Design: Standardized modular design allows for easy integration into various installation layouts.

NTP-30-Variety-pack.00 01 03 17

Flexible and Versatile: Simple changeover assisted via onscreen selection for minimal down time while forming a wide variety of trays. 


Output details
Outer unit diameter
Package Length Range
Per project specifications
Package Width Range
Per project specifications
Package Height Range
Per project specifications
Magazine Capacity
700 trays
Up to 60
Up to 3'600
Product Size Requirement
Per project specifications
Machine details
Size (LxWxH)
1,52 x 1,83 x 2,48 m
450 kg
Power Requirements
230 V/20A 60 Hz
Air Requirements
90 PSI @ 10CFM
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