Many machines featuring delta robots can securely grip a container or a product, place it on a conveyor, or pack it into a case or carton. Engineering in the truest sense of the word begins when this can be done with speed and precision – even for very heavy products.
Small footprint
Intuitive use
Optimized gripper technology for items that are hard to handle
A high-performance machine, even when handling heavy products
Tried-and-tested delta robots from Codian Robotics
NTL-50 Factsheet

The NTL-50 is a top-loading automation solution implemented using delta robots. The machines perfection is demonstrated by two key elements. Firstly: the compact design and gripper technology. The design of the NTL-50 is compact and easy to integrate, getting by with a footprint of 1.75 x 1.60 m. When it comes to the gripper design, we ensure the best technical combination of vacuum and mechanical components to make pick-and-place product handling extremely efficient and safe – even if your product’s geometry or material properties makes it heavy or harder to handle.


Rooting for rapid and recurring processes

While the NTL-50 can be operated as a standalone solution, it is also ideally suited for integration into line concepts. It picks a product from a conveyor using gripping technology that’s precisely coordinated to the product’s properties. Alternatively, it can pick up several products as a group, before changing the position. Afterward, it sets the product or bundle elsewhere on a conveyor for removal or into a case, tray, or other container. Thanks to its flexibility and robustness, the NTL-50 is the ideal automated solution for speeding up recurring processes. As an official integrator of solutions from renowned global robot manufacturers, we are excited to draw on the latest knowledge in robotics development to help you get the most out of your processes. And it’s only natural that switching between sizes on the NTL-50 is a tool-free procedure. 

NTL-50 Factsheet
NTL-50 is great for
Dose Weiss


NTL-50-bread.00 00 47 00

Optimized Gripper Technology: Optimized gripper allows for handling a wide array of products – including food products.

NTP-20-and-NCP-25-Single-Serve-Coffee.00 01 38 22

Quick and Dependable: Delta robot retains speed and precision – even when working with heavy products.

NTP-30-Variety-pack.00 01 44 27

Small Footprint: Compact footprint of just 1.75m x 1.60 m for easy integration into any production line. 


Output details
Outer unit diameter
Package Length Range
Per project specifications
Package Width Range
Per project specifications
Package Height Range
Per project specifications
Up to 50 picks
Up to 3'000 picks
Product Size Requirement
Per project specifications
Machine details
Size (LxWxH)
1,75 x 1,61 x 2,55 m
900 kg
Power Requirements
230 V/20A 60 Hz
Air Requirements
90 PSI @ 10CFM
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