The NTL-R is whatever you make of it. Whether you opt for four-axis or six-axis robots, when it comes to design you can count on us to give it our all, and your new top loader will do no different.
Small footprint
High performance
Four-axis or six-axis robots as an option
Connection to a higher-level control unit
NTL-R Factsheet

The NTL-R can place very large quantities of small products into your chosen packaging with extreme precision and at high speed, even operating at the top tier of cycle rates exceeding 120 trays per minute with complete robotic automation. This even extends to food packaging, with the NTL-R being able to grip hard-to-handle products like pouches quickly and precisely, then place them securely into a secondary packaging material of your choosing. If these high standards describe you as a life science company, an industrial manufacturer, or a food producer, you really should find out about our NTL-R robotic cell solution.


Giving you the freedom you need

Unlike the NTL-50 with delta robots, we fit the NTL-R with a four or six-axis robot – or even several. The choice is yours. This approach allows you to add even more agility to your production operations, aside from opening a wide range of options to scale production up or down as you choose. When selecting the robot type and developing the appropriate gripper tool, we focus on your product’s size, shape, weight, and properties, along with the individual packaging task at hand. As an integrator of solutions from renowned robot manufacturers like Fanuc and Codian Robotics, we have both an understanding and mastery of robot implementation and programming. Thanks to their four degrees of freedom, Fanuc’s Scara robots, for example, are often ideal if you’d like to have small products like chocolates, or even vials or cartridges, picked and placed quickly. Six-axis robots might be the better choice if the position or rotation of the gripped product still needs changing. In any case, you can count on our design-related expertise and industry knowledge, not to mention the best solution to suit your individual process.


Simple programming gets production off to a swift start – guaranteed

When it comes to the technical implementation of your NTL-R installation, we focus on minimizing the footprint to make integration into your production line as easy as possible. Another advantage of this approach is the rapid installation translates into prompt operation and therefore correspondingly quicker return on investment. Whether you opt for a Fanuc, a Codian Robotics, or a different robot model entirely, we’d love nothing more than to integrate robots that make operating the NTL-R installation easy for you. A web-based user interface is just one aspect we like to consider making operation of your NTL-R as straightforward as possible.

NTL-R is great for
Dose Weiss


NTL-R-Candies.00 00 25 29

Percision Handling: Multi axis robots provide quick and precise motion – even when working with the smallest of products.

NTP-30-Nespresso-Tray-Packer.00 00 31 24

Production Flexibility: Machine can be fitted with one or more of your choice of robot – whether it be four or six axis.

NTL-R-&-NRP-10-(Almonds).00 00 32 03

Gripper Versatility: Wide variety of gripper designed to handle any type of product – no matter the size, shape, or weight. 


Output details
Outer unit diameter
Package Length Range
Per project specifications
Package Width Range
Per project specifications
Package Height Range
Per project specifications
Up to 120 picks
Up to 7'200 picks
Product Size Requirement
Per project specifications
Machine details
Size (LxWxH)
1,75 x 1,61 x 2,55 m
1'100 kg
Power Requirements
230 V/20A 60 Hz
Air Requirements
90 PSI @ 10CFM
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Talk to us about bespoke machinery

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