One for all. There’s no better way of summing up the advantages that this tray packer has to offer. Not many tray packers can form, load and seal so quickly.
All-In-One Solution
Modular Sealer
Available in different performance classes with outputs of 10, 30, or 50 trays per minute
Forming, packing, and sealing in a single installation
Can be used for a wide range of product types
NTP-10 Factsheet

This technologically sophisticated complete installation combines all the advantages of the tray forming, loading, and bonding process steps into a single machine. Tool-free switching between sizes guarantees you – as a life sciences business, an industrial manufacturer, a food company, or a contract manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry – maximum freedom with minimum effort. The integrated, powerful robotics guarantee you high throughput rates with consistently excellent quality in every situation – regardless of the product type, size, and weight.


Your packing pattern – our vision of the greatest gripper

Bottles, cans, or whichever other products you want to pack in your tray are separated (if required by the follow-up process) during product feeding. Transportation to the robot station now takes place using one or more lanes. Depending on the machine type, you have the option of using a conveyor under or next to the robot unit to move your products. The gripper can complete additional turning and positioning tasks at this point if required by your specific packing pattern. That way, we make sure your products are positioned perfectly in your tray.


What’s more, the robotics used are determined by your product’s type, weight and size.

There are no limits here. As an established integrator of solutions from leading robotics manufacturers, we specialize in implementing traditional Delta robots and are naturally also masters when it comes to installing the entire range of four-axis or six-axis models. And if your products are on the heavier side, that’s not a problem either: our engineers will develop a gripper that meets your requirements perfectly. Whether your product or group of products is light or heavy, in the next step the gripper either vacuum-picks or mechanically picks it up from the conveyor; or uses a combination of both depending on your products properties. The robot then moves to the waiting and open tray’s position and places the products into the tray from above. Products are fed to the robot in parallel via a conveyor – from the likes of an adjacent tray former.

Once the robot has placed your products in the tray, either another layer can be stacked on top of this one or the tray can be transported away and closed straight away. Once the closed tray has been sealed at the adhesive or taping unit, it can be transported away for palletizing or a subsequent application of your choosing. The tray packer has a guaranteed output of between 10 and 60 trays per minute and varies in size depending on the design. We use your floorplans and current process as a basis to develop the layout that will enable implementation in your production environment.


One way today, another tomorrow – switching is simple for the NTP

With the NTP, we have created a fully automated installation that allows you to automatically pack a wide range of product sizes. Tool-free and therefore swift switching between sizes forms the basis of the ability to pack large volumes of a wide range of product variants with consistently outstanding quality on a single installation. 

NTP-10 Factsheet
NTP-10 is great for


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All-In-One Solution: Forming, packing, and sealing – this allin-one tray packing solution does it all – all the while providing high throughput rates.

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Versatile Loading Capabilities: Designed to load any specific packing pattern – positioning your product perfectly in its tray.

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Modular Sealer: Optional modular sealer unit allows for quick and compact sealing operations. 


Output details
Outer unit diameter
Package Length Range
Per project specifications
Package Width Range
Per project specifications
Package Height Range
Per project specifications
Magazine Capacity
700 trays
Up to 10 trays
Up to 600 trays
Product Size Requirement
Per project specifications
K-Cup Westrock
Machine details
Size (LxWxH)
2,36 x 4,14 x 2,89 m
1'100 kg
Power Requirements
230 V/20A 60 Hz
Air Requirements
90 PSI @ 10CFM
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Talk to us about bespoke machinery
Talk to us about bespoke machinery

Whether for sealing tests in the laboratory or industrial mass production: we’ll help you find the right machine for every application, or create a solution specifically for your business.