RD 06

With the RD 06, you can test all your processes in connection with punching and sealing – even under clean room conditions. Subsequently, these processes can be scaled up with precision to industrial production levels.
120 mm
unit size
5-10 s
Test production
Feasibility studies
Small-series production
Format parts testing
RD 06 Factsheet

The RD 06 is designed to seal a wide range of packaging types and products, covering basically everything you could possibly want to manufacture in the food & beverage or life science sectors. The processes are highly adaptable and run in semi-automated mode. Process parameters can be entered through the HMI, and subsequently reproduced for industrial production. 

The RD 06 is extremely compact and fits into any lab. It has been designed for operation in ISO class 7 and 8 clean rooms and is the ideal solution for production test runs and small-series production.

The RD 06 produces perfect seals and caters to sealing and punching in a single process, using Rychiger's one stroke technology known from its larger machines. The machine can be extended with a foil handling unit for foil feed from rolls, or a separate trolley for liquid filling. 

Where certain tasks need to be performed by hand, operator safety and good ergonomics are particularly important. That is why the RD 06 is designed for control through an intuitive touch panel. For extra safety, a punching and sealing cycle can only be started with a two-hand control. 

By investing in an RD 06, you buy advanced technology at a competitive price. If you wish to produce a very small number of samples of your new product for presentation to investors, you can lease an RD 06 from us. 

RD 06 is great for
ID Card Across 2
Diamed Diluent Rack braun


RD 06 group-1024x768

Small footprint: The RD 06 is an exceptionally compact tabletop machine.


Optional foil handling: With an optional foil handling module, you can produce foil lids from roll stock.

RD 06-3355x2517

Liquid filling: The RD 06 is preconfigured for the installation of a liquid filling module.


Output details
Outer unit diameter
max. 120 mm
Sealing time
0.1 - 180 s
Cycle time
5 - 10 s
Servo driven
Machine details
Size (LxWxH)
0,5 x 0,74 x 1,85 m
300 kg
Connected load
3 x 400 V + Pe / 50 Hz
Rated power
2 kW
Compressed air
a≥ 4 bar, 10 l/min
Sealing force
500–6‘000 N
Sealing temperature
50 - 350°C
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