TM 05

The TM 05 is your perfect companion for automating critical processes. Allowing you to inspire your customers with consistent premium product quality.
1.5m² >
ISO Class 7/8
Perfect for your production of clinical trials
Critical processes can be fully validated
Affordable solution for standard or customized applications
TM 05 Factsheet

When it comes to the semi-automated production of in-vitro diagnostics, it’s easier than ever to quickly and easily improve product quality while increasing staff satisfaction. If you are a startup or contractor working in the field of molecular and immunodiagnostics or in clinical chemistry, you understand that your staff are at risk of meeting their physical limits when carrying out manual tasks requiring a high level of precision, such as dosing, pipetting or assembly. And this has an impact on product quality, productivity and the health of your personnel. Our TM 05 range of semi-automated machines resolves this dilemma thanks to a design that offers the best of both worlds in a single platform: superior ergonomics and an extremely extensive range of process technologies that deliver reproducible results while protecting the health and safety of your personnel.


Every conceivable process scenario, from lab-scale processes to small batches 

From a technical perspective, there is nothing the TM 05 cannot handle – because it has been designed as a platform. It offers startups and contractors everything they need to produce top-grade in-vitro diagnostic products. The platform is designed to function as a stand-alone unit to perform semi-automated processes. The ergonomic design, process flexibility and process reproducibility are just three of many strong arguments for opting to use the TM 05 in your business. Offer your personnel maximum accessibility of all components and open up new technical possibilities thanks to a wide range of processes – without compromising on exceptional quality.


A semi-automated platform to ease up your life

In a nutshell, whether you’re a contractor or a startup, the TM 05 makes it a cinch for you to partially automate your entire production flow over the long term. You specify the application in stages, and we set up each TM 05 platform with the right applications. This way, you can gradually transform a fully-manual manufacturinig process into into independent semi-automated units, which can be used in a workshop-like environment to enhance both productivity as well as product quality.


How the TM 05 simplifies your daily work:

  • Automation of typically one to three processes
  • Enhance productivity of your existing staff
  • Consistence in the quality of your product by the means of automation
  • Use of different sealing technologies – combined with punching from the roll if required
  • Assembly
  • Liquid dispensing, pipetting as well as spotting in the mL to pL range
  • Broad selection of technologies for handling solids and liquid reagents
  • Volumetric dispensing of abrasive powders or lyophilized products
  • Counting of lyophilized beads
  • Quality controls, tagging and labeling
  • Custom applications

You can rest assured that the TM 05 meets the same quality standard on a small scale as you have come to expect from processes with a higher level of automation – both when using this platform and when expanding the machine to create a machine population. You decide which output you want to automate, and you can expect flawless quality in the handling of liquid or viscous reagents. Place your trust in innovative technologies for agarose/Sepharose liquids, lysis fluids or magnetic and latex beads. You can be sure that your master mixes, Taq™ and Oligos, fluorescent samples and chromogens will be handled properly.

Your technicians are sure to be impressed by how easy the commissioning process is as well: Simply roll the machine to the installation site, connect the media, configure the parameters, put in the product and get started.


Scaling up to ensure you are always in control

Good technology does not come cheap. So if you are an ambitious startup or contractor expecting to handle a large volume of jobs, it is important to strike the right balance between liquidity and investments – in other words, CapEx and OpEx.

The TM 05 is extremely valuable in this regard. Each machine automates one to three production process. When getting started, you want to automate those manufacturing processes with the highest reject rate under manual manufacturing conditions. Once this is accomplished, you can gradually expand on those processes, which are a bottleneck in terms of production capacity. You end up with a workshop-style manufacturing area, paired with outstanding product quality and gains in efficiency of your valuable staff members to meet your company’s unique set of requirements. See for yourself: If your goal is to achieve controlled growth while gradually scaling up your production capacities our innovative platform solution is also an excellent choice from a business perspective.

TM 05 is great for
96 Well Microplate
Multiwell Cartridge
Gamma Test strip
QIAstat 1



Ergonomic: All components can be accessed quickly and easily.


Flexible: The wide range of process technologies opens up new possibilities.


Process reproducibility: The process quality meets the same standards as lines with a higher degree of automation.


Output details
Outer unit diameter
Up to 160 mm
Unit height
Up to 120 mm
Number of lanes
Proprietary Multiwell
Machine details
Size (LxWxH)
1 - 1,5 x 1 x 2 m
300 kg
Connected load
3 x 400 V + Pe / 50 Hz
Rated power
5 kW
Compressed air
a≥ 5 bar, 55 Nm³/h
5 l/min
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