The VRC-60 is all about peak performance. The cartoner is particularly popular with pharmaceutical companies and contract manufacturers as it can do so much while taking up very little space.
Small and Fast
Delicate Handling
Easy to integrate due to minimal 1 x 1 m footprint
Tool-free switching between sizes
Optional labeling (QR code, RFID tag, etc.)
VRC-60 Factsheet

Cartoning on a footprint of one meter by one meter is a skill. Based on decades of expertise obtained in analog film packaging, the VRC-60 is a cartoner that guarantees excellent quality in secondary packaging – even beyond the regulated environment of the pharmaceutical industry. High performance on an impressively small surface area is also a given in the food industry or in industrial production. It is all the same whether you want to have flasks or bottles, cans or jars, or cartridges or vials packed. Whether they’re made of glass or plastic: the VRC-60 is reliable, quick, and precise when it comes to packing your products into cartons. What makes it so special? It understands like no other how to delicately handle thin-walled and fragile paperboard cartons.


Gentle handling meets group dynamics

The VRC-60’s sophisticated design forms the basis of these properties. The cartoner has a product feed and removal station with an indexed rotary table in between. Twelve individual vacuum stations are arranged and mounted on the rotary table in a circle. The pneumatic design behind its suction mechanism is designed to handle secondary packaging materials – even very small ones – in a particularly gentle way. The folded carton is vacuum-picked from the filled magazine, opened, and captured – pneumatically – by one of the 12 stations. The rotary table then performs a cycle, placing an empty station in front of the magazine. While the unit with the carton already open moves on to the next position, another folded carton is automatically taken out of the magazine. On the opposite side, a robot picks up the product or a group of products from the infeed conveyor and places them in cyclically delivered cartons. A carton is closed once it has been filled. During the adhesive process, the carton is mechanically sealed after the glue has been applied. Alternatively, it is closed with an adhesive-free folding fastener. In both situations, the carton can also be secured with the help of pasted labels or stickers. The carton is removed once it has been closed.

The VRC-60 can be fitted with a single-lane or multi-lane product feed. The robot also grips grouped products and packs them into cartons at high speeds if required by the packing patten. Your machine operator can top up cartons without needing to stop the machine. If your production operations only manage small amounts or hard-to-handle products, the machine operator can switch to semi-automatic mode and complete these sub-processes by hand. The user can take over the robot’s tasks entirely in the installation’s manual operating mode. Labeling and barcode units, not to mention other quality control features like weighing technologies or a camera, can be added to the VRC-60 as well.


A small robot with a big impact

As a life sciences company, or even as a manufacturing firm operating in other industries, you can use the VRC-60 to pack small products into cartons automatically, making effective handling an absolute breeze. Thanks to the small footprint of the robot-assisted VRC-60, integrating it into your hall layout is extremely easy and allows you to achieve a high level of automation quickly and with minimal effort. Intuitive and tool-free switching between sizes gives you maximum flexibility when using a wide range of products.

VRC-60 is great for
Glas Flasche Blau


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Small and Fast: Generates an output of 60 cartons per minute on a compact 1m x 1m footprint – saving you time and space.

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Delicate Carton Handling: Specially-sized buckets with suction cup mechanism hold cartons in place, gently guiding them throughout the cartoning process – perfect for keeping thin-walled and fragile paperboard cartons clean. 

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QC & Check Weighing: Ability to add quality control features such as weighing technologies or cameras. 


Output details
Outer unit diameter
Package Length Range
13 - 127 mm
Package Width Range
13 - 101 mm
Package Height Range
50 - 380 mm
Magazine Capacity
Up to 700 cartons
Up to 60 cartons
Up to 3'600 cartons
Product Size Requirement
Per project specifications
Machine details
Size (LxWxH)
1,11 x 1,1 x 2,1 m
1’300 kg
Power Requirements
230 V/20A 60 Hz
Air Requirements
90 PSI @ 10CFM
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