Our Z-110 is among the most compact of systems, but don’t let its size deceive you: this rotary transfer machine is also one of the most popular systems in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and cosmetics sectors – and not without good reason.
Small footprint
Fast format change
Flexibility in production
Pre- and post-closure unit
Optional expansions for greater process versatility
Numerous different formats from the cosmetics sector
Z-110 Factsheet

We could take this opportunity to tell you all of the things that the Z-110 can do with its rotary table. But experts from the pharmaceutical or healthcare industry and cosmetics production will be well aware that a platform-based machine like the Z-110 offers unlimited capabilities when it comes to filling and dosing. This applies to liquids of all viscosities as well as semisolid products such as ointments, gels, creams or balms – and of course, also includes solids of different shapes and sizes, from classical tablets to globules and products in powder form.

In a nutshell, this multitalented all-rounder of filling and dosing machines works with any container you need to fill. Whether they’re vials, jars, bottles, or crucibles, the Z-110 can handle all containers and closes packaging materials with any standard screw-on or snap-on cap – or with a dispenser if necessary. Provided that a volume of 1'000 ml per filling operation is sufficient as an upper limit for a production project, the Z-110 will reliably deliver up to 6'000 pieces/h depending on the product in question.


A straightforward business model

Freedom is a valuable commodity – and the same applies when it comes to the production of pharmaceuticals, in-vitro diagnostics, or cosmetics. Platform solutions with a rotary table design offer you the full breadth of options – either immediately or in the long term – and therefore maximum freedom in every conceivable market situation.

Say no to rigid processes and commitment to a limited range of products, primary packaging, or caps. Instead, simply say yes to the Z-110.

Z-110 is great for
Dose Weiss
Glas Flasche Braun
Glas Flasche 2
Microtube mit Verjuengung


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Flexible solutions: Multiformat machines provide solutions for everything from low to highviscosity liquid, semi-solid, and solid products.

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Compact Design: Easy integration thanks to a compact, space-saving design.

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Easy and efficient production: Tool-free switching between formats is quick, easy and always reproducible.


Output details
Outer unit diameter
Up to 100 mm
Unit height
Up to 200 mm
Number of lanes
1 - 3
40 - 120
2'400 - 7'200
Machine details
Size (LxWxH)
1,5 x 1,5 x 2 m
1'000 kg
Compressed air
6 bar, 20 l/min
Rated power
20 kW
For more information, download the Factsheet
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