The Z-201 offers pharmaceutical and healthcare companies’ complete freedom across the board, whether they’re working with pharmaceuticals.
Small footprint
Efficient Workflow
Optional dosing and filling of solid, semisolid, and liquid forms of delivery
Three prism sets for all vials and bottles with stopper sizes between 16 and 55 mm
Suitable for hydrogen peroxide sterilization
Z-201 Factsheet

The Z-210 transports, fills, and closes almost all common bottles, vials and similar containers with medicines and healthcare products. With its specific design and excellent adaptability, the Z-201 is the machine for you if your batches tend to be smaller but more individual or even customized.

The astonishing thing is that all processes within this linear system design take place on an area of less than 3 m2. This is particularly worth mentioning because there is almost nothing than the Z-201 can’t fill and dose following a quick format change. The fact that the Z-201 handles liquids such as parenterals just as masterfully as it does semisolids or tablets and powders is proof that this machine is always a forward-looking choice.


Small footprint, wide range of options

In simple terms, the Z-201 begins the complex dosing and filling process with a manual or semi-automatic infeed of unpacked containers on an infeed turntable. Containers that have fallen over are automatically removed. Now, the supplied primary containers are flushed and transported to the filling system. The dosing technology is guided by the form in which your product is administered. If you’re processing liquids such as parenterals, these are first transferred to an intermediate tank.

Once the individual containers are filled, they are cyclically flushed and undergo in-process quality control. The fill level is monitored using sensors in the case of liquids and via the weight in the case of solids.

In the next step, the corresponding caps are applied using pick-and-place technology. A closure module applies screw-on or snap-on lids and fixes or crimps stoppers into place. The Z-201 is equipped with interfaces for freeze-drying and labeling, and optionally comes with particle and germ measurement.

Additional freedom is delivered by rollers that optionally turn the Z-201 into a mobile production system. It can also be used within a restricted-access barrier system (RABS) – and another advantage of the Z-201 is that no matter which options you choose, we can design your enclosure to be compatible with a laminar air flow. After all, we have promised you nothing less than freedom across the board.


Prepared for anything

If you work with small quantities and produce sophisticated biologicals or even personalized pharmaceuticals in microbatches, the Z-201 is unrivaled when it comes to budgetary considerations: different format parts allow this dosing and filling system to be quickly and intuitively converted for medications with wide-ranging forms of administration and different packaging materials in a wide range of sizes. As a manufacturer, you benefit from rapid batch reloading, short downtime, and rapid amortization of your investment – even if you don’t know what you might be producing tomorrow.

Z-201 is great for
Glas Flasche Braun 2
Glas Flasche Braun
Glas Flasche 2
Microtube mit Verjuengung


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Aseptic Filling under LAF, RABS or Isolator: Ability to fill and close virtually any type of vial, bottle or other medicine container aseptically.

Shooting Zelwag Polymun Z-201-S1 29.06

Ready to use (RTU): Process any RTU container with striking simplicity.

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Fully virtual cockpit (HMI): Our HMI system gives you the ability to control your production, recipe management, batch report, line clearance, and various service topics.


Output details
Outer unit diameter
Up to 70 mm
Unit height
Up to 180 mm
Number of lanes
1 - 3
40 - 120
2'400 - 7'200
Flasche Braun
Machine details
Size (LxWxH)
1,5 x 3 x 2 m
1'500 kg
Compressed air
6 bar, 40 l/min
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