Ready to use and all under control – whether you’reworking with purified and siliconized syringes,vials or cartridges, nesters are in the best possible “hands” with our compact, robot-based Z-810.
Small footprint
Fast format change
Fully automated filling and closure of nested syringes, vials, and cartridges
Handles high-viscosity products
Controlled and monitored vacuum
Z-810 Factsheet

As a pharmaceutical company or contract manufacturer, you’ll know that production must go on – and that it needs to be precise and error-free. To ensure that your production management teams can rely on this being the case, we’ve developed the Z-810, a machine that automatically fills and closes nested primary packaging materials.


A filling speed that has to be seen to be believed

“Put down and done” is the best way to explain how tubs are fed into the Z-801. Once you’ve placed the sterile-packaged tub containing syringes, vials, or cartridges on the short roller conveyor of the infeed station, the Z-810 takes care of the rest: in the first step, the conveyor belt transports the tub to a station where the Tyvek and slipsheet are removed using heat and a vacuum. The tub is now ready for the nest to be removed at the delivery station. While the empty tub is transported away, a 6-axis robot takes control of the nest and positions it below the dosing station, where it is filled with your chosen product – including high-viscosity liquids. Stoppers are then inserted in rows, which can optionally be done in a vacuum. Once all containers are closed, the process moves on the next station, where either the nest is put back in the tub and removed or a second robot grips the vials, for example, in rows. After the vials have been placed on a conveyor belt, they are fed into the star-shaped crimping station one by one. A sensor-based quality control system checks every vial to ensure that the crimp-on cap is fitted correctly, and defective products are removed. The correctly filled and closed vials are then pushed out in rows, ready for secondary packaging.


Amazing cost control

One investment, lots of added value: the modular structure of the Z-801 offers you maximum variability in the handling of nested products over the entire life cycle of the machine. The fact that you can fill and close cartridges, vials, and syringes at a rate of up to 5,000 pieces/h is impressive enough in itself. But the power of the Z-810 becomes clear above all when it comes to the quick and accurate dosing of high-viscosity liquids.

With its hygienic design and stainless-steel construction, the Z-810 is able to master all of the challenges you face – and its tool-free format switching keeps your downtime so low that it barely impacts the bottom line.

Z-810 is great for
Glas Flasche 5
Glas Flasche 6
Spritze 5
Nest Spritzen
Nest Flaschen
Nest Spritzen 2


DSC 1056-Bearbeitet

Precision Handling: Robot integration for precise handling with maximum performance.

DSC 1205-Bearbeitet

Layout Adaptability: Enjoy flexibility across the board thanks to compact construction and an adaptable layout.

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Dosing Versitility: Ability to dose even the highest viscosity liquids quickly and accurately.  

Output details
Outer unit diameter
Up to 68 mm
Unit height
Up to 180 mm
Machine details
Size LxWxH
1,6 x 3 x 2,3 m
1'600 kg
Compressed Air
6 bar, 60 l/min
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