“Do not touch” is usually the rule in a controlled environment. With the Z-Lab, however, touching is actively encouraged. This semi-automatic machine deploys industrial technology to achieve maximum performance.
Ø 68mm
unit size
FDA- and GMP-compliant
Suitable for use in an isolator
Suitable for all container types
Pump technology for a variety of fluids and viscosities
Reliably reproducible quality
Z-Lab Factsheet

As a semi-automatic platform solution, the Z-Lab is genuinely suitable for all tasks great and small.

Primarily designed for laboratory tasks at pharmaceutical companies, the Z-Lab is also suitable for R&D or for when you receive orders for small or micro batches, whether you are a start-up keen to begin production for the first time or a contract manufacturer. The Z-Lab fills, closes, and crimps your primary packaging materials as effectively as fully automated production lines, except that it runs a little slower and involves some manual intervention.

But it is precisely these characteristics that makes it the ideal technology for the lab and, above all, for use in an isolator.


Take your pick

If you’re looking for precision and versatility in the laboratory and you value flexibility above performance, the Z-Lab is the ideal choice. As a platform solution, this small machine delivers accurate and semi-automatic filling and closure of your vials, syringes, or cartridges – including in the isolator if required.

The Z-Lab Fill comes in versions with a rotary piston or peristaltic pump. When handling different fluids, this gives you freedom in terms of product development, as you can fill containers with products of different viscosities. Whatever happens, you can always save your formulas and retrieve or print them at any time – so you’re on the safe side when it comes to reproducibility.

The Z-Lab Close is used to close lids – insert every stopper that your product requires. More shallow and extremely gently? No problem – with the Z-Lab, you can configure the stopper depth, indentation speed and vacuum to suit the individual application. You have similar freedom in terms of the configuration of the crimping process. Whether working with a flip-off or crimp-on cap, Z-Lab Crimp allows you to define the speed and stroke of the crimping head by adjusting just a few settings.


Space is no problem with the Z-Lab

Used in isolation or with other models as part of an overall system, the Z-Lab helps you to fill, close and crimp with the same precision as fully automated production facilities. As a semi-automatic system, it boasts an impressive output of up to 600 pieces/h.

The fact that the Z-Lab’s electronics are inside the unit gives you more space: you can dispense not only with an electrical cabinet but also with elaborate installation and qualification processes. Another benefit is that it makes it easier to work in the insulator.

Demonstrable and reproducible quality is provided by the synchronized axis guidance and therefore maximum reproducibility, along with the temperature-monitored electronics and the 9″ touchscreen. Tool-free format switching from fill to crimp takes place quickly and intuitively – and the fact that the Z-Lab even has a sterile filter with differential pressure monitoring, reliably protecting the product and components from contamination, is another major plus point.

Z-Lab is great for
Glas Flasche Braun
Glas Flasche 5
Glas Flasche 6
Dose Weiss
Spritze 5



Filling: Easy and precise filling of all types of stationary containers — even non-rigid containers such as syringes, cartridges and tubes.


Crimp Capping: Automatic closing of vials and cartridges with crimp or flip-off caps — all while providing the flexability of adjusting the crimping speed, central crimp pressure, and stroke of the crimping head.


Closing: Ability to close all types of stable containers, including non-rigid ones, along with providing individually adjustable tamping depth and indentation speed.


Output details
Outer unit diameter
Up to 68 mm
Unit height
Up to 160 mm
Machine details
Size (LxWxH)
0,48 x 0,46 x 0,9 m
74 kg
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