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About Rychiger

The company was founded in 1918 by Rudolf Rychiger in Steffisburg, were Rychiger still has its headquarters. Initially, Rudolf Rychiger worked from the courtyard of his home, repairing bicycles and cars. He did everything by hand, as there was no electricity.

Rychiger is a private limited company managed by Axel Förster, one of the shareholders.

The headquarters of Rychiger is in the town of Steffisburg in the Canton of Berne, Switzerland.


Additional locations include Rychiger Canada Inc. in Toronto, Rychiger Pharmatech AG in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, and Rychiger Poland sp. z o.o. in Grudziądz, operated under the unified Rychiger brand.

Rychiger currently employs more than 400 people worldwide.

After-sales services

As we produce at our factory in Switzerland or Poland and run an efficient supply chain management, we can ship original spare parts for our machines to any place in the world. For each machine, we compile a detailed spare parts catalog, so that our customers can manage these parts efficiently. On request, we enter into framework agreements for spare and wear parts supply with binding delivery cycles and times. If you wish to know more about this option, please contact us. 

Are you encountering problems with your machine, or do you have a general technical query? Then please contact the Rychiger service desk

Our highly qualified service agents will be delighted to assist you, and will put you through to the right person. Wherever possible, we deal with your issue during your first call. Rychiger takes technical support seriously. Your call is never routed to a call center but answered by a qualified and competent engineer who will personally take care of your problem, query or request. Should our service desk be unable to resolve your issue, we will dispatch an experienced service engineer to your site. 

We strongly recommend that you have your machine serviced at regular intervals. You have of course the option to contract Rychiger with this task through a comprehensive service agreement. Our service agreements cover a range of other after-sales services, such as our special preventive maintenance program. This program is actually at the core of all our service agreements, which are of course all tailor-made to customer requirements.

The engineering team of our customer service department is continuously revising and improving the availability and efficiency of our products. Through innovative projects aimed at continuous improvement, we assist you in getting more out of your machine.

Yes, Rychiger offers both retrofits and upgrades, for instance in the context of continuous improvement or for format changes. As all requests for retrofits and upgrades are handled by the service department engineering team who is also in charge of continuous improvement of our machines, we can respond quickly to your query and propose viable solutions.

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As your partner, we are always there for you and support you in any way we can, so that you can stay focused on your core business. Our key account managers are in regular contact with customers and also make site visits, strengthening our partnerships and promoting the exchange of information. In this context, our innovative "two-for one" strategy where the key account manager visiting customer is accompanied by an engineer has proven particularly fruitful.

Yes, Rychiger offers remote support, be it through a standard solution via eWon or by means of customized remote support software.

Our highly qualified service technicians call out to any site worldwide to perform the following services:

  • Installation and commissioning
  • Technical support and troubleshooting
  • Production support
  • Staff training
  • Inspections and preventive maintenance
  • CI project support
  • Retrofitting
  • Machine conversion and retooling
  • Machine relocation

Rychiger offers training for your machine operators, maintenance mechanics and electricians as well as automation specialists. On request, we devise tailor-made training programs, based on customer requirements.

Digital Services

The Rychiger E-Service portal provides access to Ticketing System (TIKI), the service ticket system for queries and requests, and to Knowledge Base (WIKI), the online knowledge base and document management system of Rychiger. Simply click the respective link and log in, entering your username and password.

The Rychiger Knowledge Base (WIKI) is a knowledge database in which all information and data concerning your machine is made available to you. Here, you find technical specifications, details about the product and mechanical assemblies, electric circuit and pneumatic diagrams, operating manuals, training documents and much more. 

The Rychiger Ticketing System (TIKI) is the help desk ticket system of Rychiger that enables you to request support and track interactions between you and our customer service team. Simply open a ticket, and our service team will contact you without delay to assist you. 

The login details for access to the e-Service portals, Ticketing System (TIKI) and Knowledge Base (WIKI) are sent by us to the customer. 

Have you not yet received your login details yet? Then please contact us.

If you wish to log in to the e-Service portal and do not have your login details at hand, please contact us by clicking here.

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When choosing a Rychiger machine

The warranty terms and conditions of Rychiger AG form part of the purchase contract for your machine.

All technical specifications and manuals are filed in the Knowledge Base (WIKI) for download. This is part of our e-Service portal and accessible at all times. If there are any changes to the documents during the service life of your machine, the relevant documentation is automatically updated.

The relevant technical specifications and operating manuals can be found in Knowledge Base (WIKI), which is part of our e-Service portal. If there are any changes to the documents during the service life of your machine, the relevant documentation is automatically updated.

A Rychiger Service Agreement is a service agreement tailor-made to suit the needs of the respective customer. It normally covers the following services and tasks:

  • On-site inspection
  • On-site maintenance
  • On-site calibration
  • Standby service
  • Premium hotline
  • Remote support
  • Refresher training
  • Critical spare parts stock
  • Revision assemblies

My Rychiger Machine

Your machine is fitted with an operating hours counter. It is installed in the electric cabinet.

 Visit the Knowledge Base (WIKI)to browse through our knowledge base that contains all available information about your machine. There, you can search for the spare part in the respective assembly drawings or the drawings of the individual module. This information is of course also available in the machine documentation.

Each electrical component of the machine is assigned a product number. The details of the product can be found in the product list, whereby its designation corresponds to the page number in the diagram. The same information is also available in the module layout drawings. All these and many more documents are accessible in the Knowledge Base (WIKI).

Pneumatic parts can be easily identified based on the item number in the parts list included with the diagram. The relevant documents are accessible in the Knowledge Base (WIKI).

Connect the port in the electric cabinet to your network. Please note that not all machines support remote access.

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A first class service experience for our customers is our passion. We surpass our customers goals with the excellent technical knowledge of our highly trained service staff.