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Our Technologies

Our advanced technologies excel at accurately packaging valuable contents, spanning from initial prototypes to large-scale production.

In contemporary product design, packaging and content seamlessly integrate into a unified, functional whole. Our commitment is to create packaging that not only entices end consumers but also ensures the safe transport and handling of your products throughout the supply chain. We work in close collaboration with our clients to craft customized packaging solutions that precisely match their unique requirements.

The best technology for your product
Primary Packaging

What is the best lid foil for my container? Which cup material should I choose for my product? Our team of packaging specialists can answer all your questions regarding primary packaging. 

Primary packaging is in direct contact with the product and its ingredients. It is therefore important to know how the various substances and materials interact. To find the right primary packaging solutions, we first of all need to know a lot about the product itself: Does it need to be refrigerated? Does it undergo thermal processes? What is its composition? Must the product be protected from light? Does the packaging need to be resealable?

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Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging often serves to protect the product, for instance as an additional aroma barrier in the form of tubular bags made from plastic film. Air-tight aluminum cans are excellent high-barrier packaging units.

For a suitable secondary packaging solution, logistics requirements and attractive product presentation are however generally the main concerns. 

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Tertiary Packaging

Learn all about the crucial role palletizing plays in the modern industry and how our customized machine solutions can optimize your palletizing processes.

Exciting innovations and technologies that not only increase efficiency, but also take your competitiveness to a new level. Explore how we turn your palletizing challenges into exciting opportunities.

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General Automation

Our automation solutions enable you to continuously monitor the performance of your manufacturing equipment. We customize the software, hardware and vision systems to meet your specific requirements and ensure that your digitized production equipment is state of the art.

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Talk to us about your technology requirements
Talk to us about your technology requirements

Whether for food & beverage, life science or the industrial goods: our technologies can precisely package valuable content into portions - from prototype to mass production.