Our expertise in cartoning

Product handling for the luxury and premium segment

An integrated, vacuum-assisted carton forming system with Delrin carton holder guarantees delicate and quick handling of paperboard and cardboard cartons. This ensures high-quality processing of printed and/or coated cardboard cartons for premium and luxury goods and those destined for points of sale.

Labeling and inserts

Labeling and coding systems, which can be integrated as an option, allow you to both label and track and trace your cartons. Quality assurance can be implemented as a visual solution by incorporating X-ray or weighing technologies.

A delicate yet firm grip – guaranteed

A mixture of innovative vacuum and mechanical technologies are combined to create grippers that know no limits: designed to handle bottles with caps or dispensers, containers with unusual geometries, or products in sensitive primary packaging or with sensitive surfaces… The list goes on. Impossible isn’t part of our vocabulary.

Impressive results
Impressive results

Your secondary packaging with our technical solution.