Our expertise in case packing

Case packers are genuine all-rounders among secondary packaging machines, since it makes absolutely no difference whether you’re looking to use RSCs, HSCs or wrap-arounds. The case packers we offer precisely, efficiently and gently place your products in the appropriate shipping case – whether you’re a food and beverage producer, a pharmaceuticals or medical devices company, a cosmetics maker or an industrial manufacturer. The most important thing to bear in mind, though, whether you require horizontal or vertical loading, timed or continuous packing, or fully or semi-automatic operation, is that the choice is entirely yours. We supply the technology to meet your needs.

Pin & Dome mechanism for dust-free assembly

Handling by means of a Pin & Dome mechanism eliminates any need for a vacuum when it comes to suction-holding and unfolding shipping cases. This reduces dust pollution and increases cleanliness during the packaging process.

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Easy integration

Robotics – to add flexibility and speed

As an official integrator of Fanuc and Codian Robotics solutions, we can always draw on the latest robotics-related knowledge. Our partners and strong network supply us directly with new developments in delta robots and four- and six-axis models. The benefit for you is the swift implementation of technical innovations that might meet your individual requirements better than previously thought. Faster? No problem! Heavier? We’ll make light work of that too!

Individuality is key

To make sure you get a gripper that’s absolutely perfect for your application, we develop your individual model from a mixture of innovative vacuum and mechanical technologies. Whether you need it to handle containers with unusual geometries, bottles with caps or dispensers, products with sensitive surfaces or items in sensitive primary packaging – we’ll find a solution.

Impressive results
Impressive results

Your secondary packaging with our technical solution.