FS 150

The FS 150 is a modular and flexible machineseamlessly integrating our proven technologiesand processes for filling and sealing of varioustypes of capsules.
Proven Rychiger standards 
Reliable and efficient
Highest seal integrity
For most complex capsule structures
Precise dosing with high filling accuracy
Punching and sealing in a single step using Rychiger "One stroke technology"
Ergonomic accessibility for maintenance and quick cleaning
Simple and quick changeovers
FS 150 Factsheet

The FS 150 is a modular filling and sealing machine that can be easily adopted to the specific customer's requirements. The FS 150 can be used to seal various container types filled with product that can be flavored on the machine. The FS 150 is highly efficient, allows for quick changeovers, provides top quality of filling and sealing and is easy to maintain.

FS 150 is great for
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 8


AD8I0634 LR

Exact filling: Our precise filling process ensures maximum product preservation.

FS 190 10

Capsules of all kinds: Built to handle plastic, aluminum, or biodegradable packaging materials.

FS190 HS 026

Keeping it clean: Effective rim cleaning for accurate sealing.


Output details
Outer unit diameter
max. 70 mm
Unit height
max. 50 mm
Number of lanes
up to 75
up to 150
SampleFS150 TechnicalDetails
Machine details
Size (LxWxH)
4 - 6,5 m x 1,3 m x 2,25 m
2'200 kg
Connected load
400 VAC 3L+N+PE / 50 Hz
Rated power
7 - 14 kW
Compressed air
a≥ 6 bar
17 nm³/h
FS150 TechnicalDetails
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Talk to us about bespoke machinery

Whether for sealing tests in the laboratory or industrial mass production: we’ll help you find the right machine for every application, or create a solution specifically for your business.