Do you want to offer consumers a product with real functional added value? Do you wish to add certain ingredients just before your product is consumed? Should your products remain fresh for longer without excessive processing and preservatives? Do you want to give consumers a new experience? Then you should have a look at functional closures.

Our experts assist you in designing the best dosing system for your specific product. Every functional closure requires a tailor-made solution. Thanks to our unrivaled expertise in filling and sealing, we are well positioned to come up with solutions for the filling and sealing of dosing systems of all kinds of additives.

Small closure, great impact

Your customers enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Apart from regular exercise, they opt for nutritious, fresh and healthy food that tastes good and takes little time to prepare.

But is it possible to offer convenience food that is of a high quality and full of vitamins and other valuable nutrients? At first sight, this appears an impossibility, as convenience food tends to be highly processed, and is often full of preservatives. Also, vitamins, minerals and other valuable nutrients quickly degrade when they are mixed with liquids or exposed to oxygen.

One way to overcome these problems are dosing systems. Integrated into functional closures, they allow consumers to add certain liquid or dry ingredients to their food just before consuming the meal. Flavors, vitamins, plant extracts and other valuable substances are kept separate from the food until consumption at which point, they are added as desired.

Dosing systems are particularly suitable for food and beverages. Mineral water, energy and sports drinks can be enhanced with extra flavors and vitamins. Dosing systems are also a great solution for dairy products as well as beers and other alcoholic beverages. Functional closures can be used for additives in liquid, granulate or powder form and are suitable for hot and carbonated beverages. The cap containing the additive is sealed at the bottom and is sold together with the drink or separately as a refill. Functional closures are also a great solution for convenience and baby food. As the ingredients placed in the dosing system require only minimum processing, they retain all their nutrients and vitamins.

For most care products, cosmetics and medicines, correct dosage is crucial, as incorrect application can have serious consequences. Dosing systems and functional closures are the ideal solution, as they prevent incorrect use and protect the product against contamination, combining safety with convenience. Functional closures and dosing systems are also recommended for chemical products and cleaning agents containing substances that must not be mixed prior to use.

Overcoming challenges and exploiting opportunities

While dosing systems and functional closures have many advantages over conventional closures, their production and assembly pose some challenges for manufacturers. Rychiger has an in-depth knowledge of the market and assists you with technical advice and production machinery that meets your quality standards.

Functional closures are designed to release exactly dosed quantities to the end product and are therefore generally small in size. This means that your production costs are lower, while consumers benefit from less packaging waste. We help you design the right closure for your product, working together with your dosing system supplier. Subsequently, we supply you with the machinery for the filling and sealing of your functional closures – tailor-made to suit your product.

Functional closures are a great marketing tool, as consumers instantly recognize the added value. Dosing systems offer a new experience to consumers, as they are actively involved in the preparation of their food or beverage and can see how it is enhanced, for instance by changing color or consistency. With functional closures, consumers feel in control of what they eat or drink. To turn your idea into reality, we industrialize your product through a proof of concept.

Complete solution from a single supplier

Rychiger assist you in finding the best dosing system for your product and works closely with your team across all phases from the initial conception to the final production line, putting its expertise at your disposal. We help you turn your idea into a success while keeping costs down.

With Rychiger as your partner, you obtain not only a patented dosing product, but also a matching production plant for the filling and sealing of your functional closures.

Is your additive a liquid, powder, gel or granulate? We are experts in filling and sealing technology, offering solutions for any type of, product dosing system and container.

Our filling and assembly machines are of a modular design so that all functions can be seamlessly integrated to suit your specific requirements. They guarantee precision dosing, container assembly and component sorting. The entire production process is continuously monitored, add special check functions examine your closures for tightness after sealing.

Grown customer relationships
Grown customer relationships

Together, we can significantly contribute to the success of your Food & Beverage project.