Whether your product is to be used in domestic multi-beverage machines or drink vending machines – we are highly experienced in the filling and sealing of preformed containers, and devise tailor-made concepts for any type of system.

Rychiger has been involved in the capsule business from the very start, and its solutions for multi-beverage capsule systems have shaped the market.

Multi-beverage systems – one machine for many different drinks

Do you enjoy a frothy cappuccino with your breakfast? At lunchtime, do you prefer a foamy latte macchiato? After dinner, how about a hot chocolate for the children and an espresso for yourself? With a multi-beverage machine at home, all these drinks are available at the push of a button. Multi-beverage systems are of course also available for vending machines in offices, factories, etc. They offer variety and let people choose their beverage.

How can one single machine produce coffee with a perfect cream and also brew a lovely cup of tea full of flavor? This is of course possible with smart capsules. Each beverage is produced with the right water flow rate and pressure for optimum flavor, as the capsules for the various drinks are specifically designed to suit the product. Espressos and milk-based drinks for instance are produced at maximum water pressure, while filter coffee and tea are brewed at a reduced pressure, all controlled by the capsule design.

Sealed single-portion containers guarantee perfect flavor. Cup after cup. Day after day. In vending machines with a single portion capsules, the only liquid that is pumped through the system is pure water. The actual beverage is produced right inside the portion container. This is not only extremely hygienic, but makes cleaning the machine much easier, saving time and costs.

Proprietary or compatible?

Multi-beverage capsule machines for home use have been available for quite some time, as have systems for the catering industry. Among the best-known multi-beverage capsule systems sold in Europe are Dolce Gusto from Nescafé and Tassimo from Jacobs Douwe Egberts. In North America, the system from Keurig is very popular. We offer solutions for all these systems.

As a global market leader, we know what people in the various regions of the world like to drink, and what type of machine they are likely to have at home. For many years, Rychiger has been closely cooperating with leading manufacturers of drink vending machines and multi-beverage capsule systems. We keep pace with the latest developments in technology and track trends in the market. 

Do you wish to move on from compatible capsules to your own capsule system? Rychiger offers you all the support you need. We help you design your capsules, and also work with you in developing a proprietary capsule system, including brewing unit – from conception to proof of concept and industrialization.

Unmatched expertise

For success in the market, flavor is everything. To achieve this, you need to design the perfect capsule housing and choose the right materials for it. That is where the core competences of Rychiger in the fields of filling and sealing come to the fore.

Aluminum, plastic or compostable?Rychiger knows how to best produce capsules from these materials. For more than 20 years, Rychiger has been supplying the industry with filling and packaging machines for capsules made in aluminum, multi-layer plastic composites and biodegradable materials. As a pioneer in this field, we are constantly setting new standards. We would be delighted to introduce you to our various solutions and to work with you to devise a concept for your specific product.

We know everything about the complexity of the various systems. Rychiger has been involved in the development of capsule systems since their conception. We therefore know exactly what is needed for precision filling and have come up with many smart solutions for this task.

A tight seal is indispensable to preserve the flavor and freshness of your product. Capsules are normally closed and sealed under a shielding gas atmosphere, and many containers and products require a combination of heat and ultrasonic sealing technology. Rychiger offers machine platforms for any sealing task, whereby the focus is of course always on maximum seal quality. We make sure that you are in full control of all relevant sealing parameters, and our smart filling and sealing units are able to compensate for slight deviations in the capsules.

Grown customer relationships
Grown customer relationships

Together, we can significantly contribute to the success of your Food & Beverage project.